Rad X-Ray has been making the best aprons and safety equipment around since 2008

But to get to our real beginnings, you’ve got to go back further than that.

Finding Our Calling

For years, we worked in the Cath Labs and X-Ray suites where this gear is used.

Day in and day out, we became deeply familiar with the valuable protection of safety aprons, but also their awkward fits, unwieldy fastenings, and tragic lack of style.

We knew we could make something better, so we set out to become experts.

To The Lab!

We bought over one thousand aprons and tore them apart, making it our business to understand their inner workings.

Studying aprons of all weights, materials, and sizes gave us an elemental understanding of what it takes to build these garments, and ideas on how to make them better.

A Cut Above

We know from our time in the labs that there’s simply no substitute for a custom fit.

When you live in your apron every day, even something a little bit too loose or too tight can be huge pain.

We build your apron to your precise measurements so that the fit is as Rad as you are.

Radiate Style

We also know it’s no fun to be stuck in an apron with no style or personality. If you spend your entire working life in a specialized garment, shouldn’t it say a little something about you?

We wanted more fun in our aprons, which is why we have the best customization options around. Choose from our great styles, or get in touch for something even more personal. We know you’ll rock it.

All Rad Everything

Our passion for x-ray gear doesn’t stop at aprons. We have a complete selection of bags, shields, drapes, protective eyeglasses, and more for all of your x-ray gear needs.