Understanding Radiation Protection Materials

Radiation protection materials have changed quite a lot in the last century. From the days of lead aprons to contemporary modern alloys, here are some useful facts about radiation protection that can help you understand what's protecting you in cath labs and other medical environments.


Lead Protection and its Legacy

For many years, lead was the standard protective material used in safety aprons. It was very effective, but quite heavy for the wearer. Innovation became a necessity when scientists and doctors came to understand the long-term environmental and health problems associated with the disposal of lead. Since the 1990s, safety equipment manufacturers have been developing alloys of tungsten, tin, and antimony that offer lead-equivalent protection without the weight. Lead equipment set the standard that our modern materials are measured against, but leading safety equipment suppliers like Rad X-Ray are firmly in the new wave of radiation protection- using safer, lighter materials for a new time.


Alloys and Protective Thicknesses

Modern manufacturers are often tight-lipped about the precise composition of the alloys they use, but the protective standards are no secret. Measured at various energy levels, the thicknesses of materials are tested and rated for the protection they offer. Rad currently offers thicknesses of 0.25, 0.35, and 0.50 in all aprons. Each of these protective thicknesses are engineered to protect from splash radiation at appropriate strengths and distances. When choosing an apron for yourself, it's important to consult your workplace standards and understand the radiation levels you work with, so that you can design an apron with the ideal balance of comfort and protection.


Real Protection, Rad Style

Grounded in the science of radiation protection and an eye for design, Rad X-Ray is leading the way with modern safety aprons. Proven, professionally tested materials meet with expressive personal style and custom tailoring to create safety garments with function and flair in our expansive collection. But we don't stop with aprons. Rad is the best place to fulfill all of your x-ray protection needs, with glasses, collars, supports, and countless other accessories all found in one place. With state of the art materials and an unbeatable fit, Rad is the obvious choice for the new era of radiation protection.

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